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Working Capital Under Stress

We all have questions about finances, especially about loans and how to determine the best kind of financing to meet your needs.

The Funding University was created to answer those questions and provide real world information you can use to make educated decisions.  Our podcasts and articles are designed to give you the facts you need in plain, uncomplicated language.  Financing is complicated, the good news is The Funding University is here to answer your questions so you can get the right kind of funding, the way you need it, and from the right sources.

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 Financing does not have 
.to be complicated. 

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“We’re teaching businesspeople in need of capital what they need to know about how to fund, the types of funding options available, how to manage debt/equity, and more. The Funding University is the resource financial executives can really use every day and we plan to provide more educational resources for people managing their company’s finances.”


—Seth Block, Founder and Host of The Funding University

The Funding University was started by Seth Block CPA, Executive Vice President of ThermoCredit LLC.  Seth has been a CPA for more than 35 years and has conducted thousands of funding transactions for companies ranging from small two person start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations seeking additional liquidity.  In his experience, Seth has encountered nearly every financial obstacle a company could encounter and brought viable solutions to best meet his client’s needs.  He now shares his knowledge with executives in key financial roles with companies across North America through The Funding University.

Who is the Funding University for?

Everyone, plain and simple.

Our content is geared towards people with  financial duties within a company, like a CFO, CPA, Controller, or anyone making fiscal decisions


Seth and his guests are easy to understand, so anyone can follow the conversation.

Whether you’re the CFO of a large  corporation or just thinking about starting your business, Seth explains what you need to know and the pitfalls to watch out for.

If your company deals with banks, credit unions, alternative lenders, venture capital, angel investors, or any source of outside liquidity, the topics discussed on The Funding University will undoubtedly become a valuable resource as you consider other financial options.

The Funding University is here to help you grow your business with

real life examples from the real world.

Tune in, learn, and make smart funding choices.

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