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Why The Funding University?

Very often I work alongside some incredibly talented and insightful financial people as we explore funding options for their businesses. These people can tell you from memory with 100% certainty what is in their budgets and forecasts on a line-by-line basis.they know their numbers. What they also share is how they went from being a financial generalist when they started to specializing in a couple of areas to meet their company needs. As a result, some of their knowledge base is not what it was and that's okay. Not every CFO is an M&A specialist or well versed in international trade. A CFO is there to help safely guide your company through day-to-day financial challenges. this is a conversation I've had hundreds of times over the years. As a CPA who does not work in the tax industry, I can completely relate.

After talking with a CFO, who was also a CPA and one of the sharpest CFO's I'd ever met, he admitted he knew very little about funding outside of banks and interest rates. He felt like he was doing a disservice to his company by not considering other lending options, but didn't know where to start, He and I agreed, there should be a resource where financial executives could go to upgrade their knowledge about funding. From there, The Funding University was born.

The Funding University is an educational and objective forum for financial executives, including CPA's requiring CPE credits, to obtain information about the different loan options available, including both the downsides and benefits. We started with a monthly podcast interviewing industry experts and have generated a nice following with several hundred monthly listeners. From there, we created a bi-monthly newsletter which has a subscription base of over 2500. Then, we partnered with The Funding Strategies Conference and ThermoCredit to create a free bi-monthly educational webinar series.

As financial management and funding options evolve, a true need for The Funding University becomes more and more evident. Oftentimes we don't know what we don't know. In fact, even more frequently we don't know where to start or what questions to ask. The Funding University is the place to ask questions and learn from industry experts who can share from their experiences. Fiduciary responsibility is more than budgets, projections, and payroll. At The Funding University, , we provide the resources you can use to fund wisely, effectively, and make informed decisions.

An educated customer is a good customer. Educating about funding choices is why The funding University is here.

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